Technical specifications for Education Magazine.
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  Technical specifications for Education Magazine
To ensure that supplied artwork meets our requirements please note mechanical specification required.
      Full page advert
With 3mm bleed 216 mm W x 303 mm H
  1/2 page advert
Landscape 190mm W x 135 mm H
  1/4 page advert
Landscape 190 mm W x 65 mm H
Without bleed 210 W x 297mm H Portrait 92 mm W x 270 mm H Portrait 92 mm W x 135 mm H

  Supplied artwork. All finished artwork to be supplied in digital format either on CD or Zip Disk or via email: in any of the following file formats: QUARK, ILLUSTRATOR, PHOTOSHOP, HIGH-RES PDF (.tif .jpeg .eps .pdf)  
  If you require our production department to produce your advert please contact us on tel: 01234 348878 or email: to discuss your requirements.We offer a free design service from materials provided.  
  Technical specifications for Banner adverts

  On the front page of the website.  
  You can advertise on the front page of the website. A headline rotating banner that is 468 pixles by 60 pixels is available. A link to your site is also included. There are a maximum of 4 adverts that rotate and the cost is £300 for 3 months, £120 per month for 2, £130 for one month. All + VAT. Please email us for further information on

Within the website next to articles:

PIR has a wealth of articles on every topic imaginable- relevent to the industry. All articles from the last four years are now on line and the new ones are being added all the time. This represents an archive, a information source and a directory for information. All fully searchable and indexed by google and the other major search engines. You can advertise your company against these on line articles. This is done by a web banner that appears alongside the chosen article. It will contain a link that connects to a webpage chosen by you.

The minimum cost is £120 for 12 months. Additional months can be purchased from the outset at £10 per month. All figures are plus VAT.

Available sizes for the front page of the website are:

Top or Bottom of page      Width 468(Max) x Height 60 pixels
Left or Right of page        Width 120(Max) x Height 600 pixels

Acceptable Formats:   JPG, PNG, GIF acceptable animated GIF’s are accepted, max runtime 3.5 seconds and subject to approval by the publisher.
Flash is not supported.